Did you know that we offer a large range of 3 dimensional rubber animals suitable for play or soft fall areas? Thats right these are 3 dimensional rubber play animals designed for preschool and primary schools.

Rubber Dinosaur

Rubber animals really are a unique type of play equipment that offer imaginative play opportunities for children. Not only are they visually fun, they are also designed to increase co-ordination and gross motor skills, whilst offering the safety of soft rubber for protection against head injury.

Rubber animals can be used to create interesting themes in your playground, or used to liven up a dull part of the playground. Most types do not require any permanent installation, and may be easily laid over an existing soft fall rubber surface or directly placed on synthetic grass softfall – although some, like the fun rubber mushrooms will require concreting to the ground. They can be painted using “aero paint”, a specially designed rubber paint, to add playful dashes of bright colour to your animals.

If you think strategically, there are many ways these rubber animals can add value and make your playground more user friendly. For example they can make excellent barriers to prevent running in certain areas, or can be used as dividers to keep children out of no go zones such as garden beds. Or you may wish to use them as semi portable low risk climbing equipment. Most of the play animals are under 400mm high which means that a softfall area may not be required underneath. Other uses may be to brighten up a dull area in your playground, or to simply add creative flair to a playground design.

Remember that because they are made from solid rubber their lifespan could be in excess of 20 years. They are priced quite reasonably (around $700 for the large 2m crocodile) which make it a solid investment for your commercial playground.

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