Playground Surfacing

At Play Cover, we recognise that play is essential to the development of creativity and well being in young Australians. That’s why our objective is to create inspiring play areas, that are safe, easy to care for, durable and allow its users to have maximum fun.

We offer ideal solutions to the unique challenges of creating a fantastic playground. Our softfall play surfaces are safe, durable and low maintenance and offer a range of vibrant colours and textures to create a stimulating play environment for children.

  • Soft Fall Aproved (to Aust Standards 1996)
  • Complete Design Service
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Clean and user friendly play areas
  • Tried and tested Play Systems
  • The latest in rubber and synthetic grass technology
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Peace of mind solutions

Play Equipment

We offer some of the best play equipment available, from Australia’s leading manufacturer’s conforming to Australian Standards. We can supply and install play equipment as well as advise on the best surfacing and shade requirements.

Rubber Annimals

Rubber crocodile play animal, central coast

We offer a range of 3 dimensional rubber play animals to assist children in developing balance, co-ordination and imagination. From a real size crocodile through to a dolphin or turtle, rubber play animals are a unique, visual and stimulating addition to any playground.

Sand Pits

Playcover sandpits offer a fantastic avenue for children to play and explore their creativity. We offer a variety of sandpits which are typically customised to identify with the surrounding environment. Sandpits may be built from timber, blocks, concrete or rubber, and should be lined with rubber or play lawn for user comfort and safety. The minimum recommended depth of a sandpit is 450mm and it should be filled with double or triple washed sand. It is important to have an adequate drainage system and it should be securely covered to keep the sand clean.

The finished sandpit complete with EPDM rubber surfacing

This sandpit was built from concrete and covered with rubber. Note the low access points for ease of entry.


We offer advice on the shade sails and shade structures which are up to 98% UV rated. We only recommend engineered and approved designs, and shade which conforms to, or exceeds the relevant Australian Standards.

The harshness of the Australian sun demands that our children are well protected from harmful UV rays and shade design is a fundamental aspect of modern playground construction. We offer tailor made shade sails and shade structures for commercial playgrounds, schools and childcare centres. Our shade constructions provide engineered shade solutions that are specifically designed to complement your playground, play equipment and softfall surface.

Shade Sail Structure installation over playground equipment with mulch soft fall

You will can find examples of our work across Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney and Regional New South Wales (NSW). We also serve rural areas and are available to travel to your playground. Using Playcover shade means you will have the peace of mind in knowing that your shade has been engineered to suit your playground conditions.

Monotec Shadecloth Material Colours

Shade Pole Protection
Shade post-protectors are vital in reducing the potential for playground injury. We sell the highest quality pole-protectors that provide maximum life expectancy and reduce the potential for injury from accidental collision against the shade post.

Softf pads- For pole protection for childcare, schools, councils and sports.

Shade post-protectors protect against accidental collisions with shade support uprights by providing a protective layer of high impact absorbing foam. Playground operators have a duty of care to take reasonable precautions to prevent potential injuries, and installing Pole Protection assists in meeting the legal obligations of commercial playground operators.

Our shade post-protectors are made from high-density impact absorbing foam padding with a heavy-duty outdoor vinyl covering. Each protective pad is custom made to suit the size of the pole, and to reduce the potential for injury from accidental impact.

About –Playcover Shade Structures
In 2005 Playcover teamed up with Paul Earl from Absolute Shade to offer specialised shade services for the childcare centers, schools and council playgrounds. Absolute Shade is an industry leader in shade construction and installation with over 15 years of experience in shade sails construction and design. Absolute Shade has been installing shade sails and structures since 1995 and their experience, combined with our expertise in playground construction, allow us to offer the complete playground package to schools and childcare centres. Call today to find out how we can help your playground. We offer obligation free onsite quotes, and can also quote directly from plans and drawings.

Customised Seating and Decking

We can customise solutions to trip hazards, tree roots or build seating and decking to your design.

Our soft fall products and sports surfaces are either custom made or sourced from leading manufacturer’s in Australia and overseas. We can tailor our sports and play surfaces to your individual requirements using our unique products.

Our expertise is in the customised design and installation of the right surface for the right job. That is why our products can be seen in hundreds of playgrounds and sports areas a testament to the durability and popularity of our play surfaces.

We are constantly looking for the best ways to create stimulating and safer play environments for future generations of young Australians.